Summer 2023 Sustainability Management PS5770 section 001

Sustainable Management of Forests


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T 6:10pm-8:00pm
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Instructor Ralph C Schmidt
Method of Instruction In-Person
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The course intends to give an overview of forests – how they function, and how they can be managed sustainably. The course addresses both the ecology and economics of forests. Combining the study of these two disciplines is necessary to understand and develop management actions and solutions to deforestation.  The emphasis in integrating ecology and economics is going to be on learning tools and techniques for managing forests. The course accounts both for North American and forests in other countries, including tropical ones. Current typical conceptions of forests are somewhat paradoxical: forests are considered marginal in sustainability, and yet they connect with many issues of central concern such as biodiversity, climate change, household energy for the poor, homelands for indigenous people, water and human shelter, to name a few. More specifically, forests provide a fruitful line of inquiry into many environmental issues, such as the complex balances within ecosystems, global cycling of elements, such as carbon, the nature of sustainability, and interactions between economic development and the conservation of nature.  For example, we will study biodiversity in forests. Much biodiversity is found outside of forests, but our study will provide an understanding of the ecological dynamics involved with biodiversity, the possible management options, and its importance for human survival. The course is going to emphasize the role of forests in the carbon cycle and the contribution of deforestation to climate change.

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Department Sustainability Management
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