Directory of Classes

About the Directory of Classes

You are using version 3 of the Columbia University Directory of Classes, released on May 21, 2001. The course pages have a new look which is frames based. Navigation buttons have been added and several new fields have been added. For each section you can specify the URLs of web pages containing course introduction, requirements, bibliography, assignments, and information about the teaching assistants. Additional information can be added for each instructor as well: office hours and office location.

Version 2 of the Directory of Classes was released on August 18, 1998. That version contained several additional fields, new navigation aids, a new search engine, and a new page design. New information was added to the online Directory of Classes, including detailed course descriptions and web-based information such as the course home page, syllabus, bulletin board, and instructor's home page.

The online Directory of Classes allows instructors and departmental administrators to enhance portions of their course information. Instructors and administrators should review the Materials for Instructors before making enhancements.

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