Spring 2024 School of International & Public Affairs U6015 section 001

Sustainability Management

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T 4:10pm-6:00pm
407 International Affairs Building
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Grading Mode Standard
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Instructor Steven Cohen
Method of Instruction In-Person
Course Description

Sustainability management matters because we only have one planet, and we must learn how to manage our organizations in a way that ensures that our planet is maintained. The course is designed to introduce you to the field of sustainability management. This is not an academic course that reviews the literature of the field and discusses how scholars think about the management of organizations that are environmentally sound. It is a practical, professional course organized around the core concepts of management and the core concepts of sustainability. This year I am introducing a specific emphasis on urban sustainability as the planet’s urban population continues to expand. Each week we will read one or two cases in management and/or sustainability, and some background material designed to help you answer the questions posed at the end of each case exercise. The cases always pose practical issues for decision makers to address—but issues that are best addressed with a firm grounding in the literature of management and sustainability. The literature and case material we will study this semester are based on lessons learned in government, non-profits and the private sector. However, most of my own work focuses on government and non-profits so this course will emphasize management in public and nonprofit organizations and the role of public policy in sustainability. In this course you will be assigned to one team that will present a briefing in class on an assigned position for a particular case, for which another team will present an opposing view. You will also write three two-page memos according to a specified format. The syllabus includes a schedule for each assignment. There is also a take home final exam that is due the last day of class.

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