Fall 2023 Middle East GU4910 section 001


Call Number 10924
Day & Time
TR 2:40pm-3:55pm
313 Knox Hall
Points 3
Grading Mode Standard
Approvals Required Instructor
Instructor Zuleyha Colak
Method of Instruction In-Person
Course Description Advanced Turkish I is designed to use authentic Turkish materials around projects that are chosen by the student in a research seminar format where students conduct their own research and share it in class in a friendly atmosphere. No P/D/F or R credit is allowed for this class.
Web Site Vergil
Department Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies
Enrollment 3 students (15 max) as of 5:06PM Friday, July 12, 2024
Subject Middle East
Number GU4910
Section 001
Division Interfaculty
Fee $15 Language Resource
Fee $10 Turkish Materials
Section key 20233MDES4910W001