Spring 2023 Middle East UN3042 section 001



Call Number 12090
Day & Time
TR 2:40pm-3:55pm
330 Uris Hall
Points 4
Grading Mode Standard
Approvals Required None
Instructor Joseph A Massad
Method of Instruction In-Person
Course Description The History of the Jewish Enlightenment (Haskala) in 19th century Europe and the development of Zionism through the current peace process between the state of Israel and the Arab states and the Palestinian national movement. Provides a historical overview of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict to familiarize undergraduates with the background of the current situation. No P/D/F or R credit is allowed for this class.
Web Site Vergil
Department Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies
Enrollment 34 students (60 max) as of 5:07PM Sunday, July 21, 2024
Subject Middle East
Number UN3042
Section 001
Division Interfaculty
Campus Morningside
Section key 20231MDES3042W001