Summer 2023 Information and Knowledge Strategy PS5301 section D01

Strategic Consulting for Knowledge-based


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Instructor Edward J Hoffman
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The primary objective of this course is to become familiar with the typical phases of an internal or external consulting project. The course is designed to provide a deep understanding of the typical challenges, opportunities,  phases, and methods for conducting a successful consulting assignment for knowledge-based organizations. A  typical strategic consulting assignment includes the following phases: organization assessment, sponsor/client  relationship, gathering data, diagnosis issues, implementation, and measurement. Drawing on examples from a  variety of organizations, this course will focus directly on strategies for building a successful knowledge service or  product for organizations or institutions. We will provide knowledge of foundational frameworks and theories and  the need for tailored approaches for different clients. Students will get hands-on experience diagnosing and  proposing knowledge strategies for improving organizational effectiveness and competitiveness.  


  Successful consulting, whether internal or external, requires many capabilities and, at heart, is dependent on the  client-consultant relationship. Students will be engaged in working on a simulated consulting assignment based on  the current organization in which they work. Alternatively, students may discuss with the faculty to be assigned to  work with a voluntary organization seeking student input. During the term, each student will complete individual  and team assignments that build on the deliverables needed for an actual consulting assignment. By developing  expertise in strategic leadership consulting, students will gain credibility, competence, and confidence in their ability  to communicate, design, develop, and provide knowledge and change services to an organization and society.  During the semester, students will learn strategies for building knowledge services, including the models, methods,  processes, and social factors that promote successful change.  


  This course is designed for students who are or will be working in positions that require internal or external  organizational consulting skills or in positions that require managing organizational change initiatives. No  prerequisites.

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Subject Information and Knowledge Strategy
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