Spring 2024 Human Rights GU4915 section 011



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W 10:10am-12:00pm
253 Engineering Terrace
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Grading Mode Standard
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Instructor Noah B Chasin
Method of Instruction In-Person
Course Description

The course will explore the often-contested terrain of urban contexts, looking at cities fron architectural, sociological, historical, and political positions. What do rights have to do with the city? Can the ancient idea of a right to the city tell us something fundamental about both rights and cities? Our notion of citizenship is based in the understanding of a city as a community, and yet today why do millions of people live in cities without citizenship? The course will be organized thematically in order to discuss such issues as the consequences of cities developments in relation to their peripheries beginning with the normative idea of urban boundaries deriving from fortifying walls, debates around the public sphere, nomadic architecture and urbanism, informal settlements such as slums and shantytowns, surveillance and control in urban centers, refugees and the places they live, catastrophes natural and man-made and reconstruction, and sovereign areas within cities the United Nations, War Crimes Tribunals. At the heart of our inquiry will be an investigation of the ways in which rights within urban contexts are either granted or withheld.

Web Site Vergil
Department Institute for Study of Human Rights
Enrollment 16 students (22 max) as of 3:06PM Saturday, July 20, 2024
Subject Human Rights
Number GU4915
Section 011
Division Interfaculty
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