Spring 2024 Health Policy and Management P8598 section 001

On the Road from Volume to Value: Unders


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T 1:00pm-3:50pm
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Instructor Julius L Chen
Method of Instruction In-Person
Course Description There is much talk and enthusiasm about new “value-based” methods of reimbursing for health care services. However, considerable variation exists across different approaches that fall within this broad category -- from incentive-based Pay for Performance (P4P) to Bundled Payments to Shared-Savings Arrangements to Global (Capitated) Payments – in terms of their design, the incentives imbedded within them, and the challenges associated with their implementation on the payer side and the managerial response to them on the provider side. In addition, the reality is that, at least for the near-/mid-term, many of these new approaches are likely to build upon or be put in place beside, rather than completely replace, existing fee-for-service-oriented reimbursement methodologies, such as Medicare’s prospective payment systems for inpatient hospital, physician services, and other care. Therefore, if students are to play their own ‘value-added’ role in as policymakers, as designers of new reimbursement strategies on the payer side, or as health systems managers implementing/managing providers’ responses to new payment initiatives, it is important that they have a solid understanding of the design, issues and incentives associated with both current and emerging health care reimbursement strategies. This course is designed to provide this knowledge.
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Department Health Policy & Management
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Subject Health Policy and Management
Number P8598
Section 001
Division School of Public Health
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