Spring 2024 Health Policy and Management P8595 section D01

Emerging Markets in Health Care: Public


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Instructor Alexander Preker
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Course Description The course will focus on the challenges of providing healthcare in emerging markets in each of the major socio economic regions of the world that have developing countries.

Like in western countries, the health sector is one of the fasted growing and dynamic segments of the economy in many emerging economies, with a total annual revenue flow of over US$7 trillion in 2012. Particularly pressing are issues related to changing epidemiology of aging populations, the lack of funding and resources, poor governance, corruption and shifting demographic and epidemiological trends such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic and drug resistant malaria.

Today there are known and affordable interventions to deal with many of the most difficult public health challenges in developing countries. But the cost to individual households is unpredictable and can impoverish even middle-income families without access to effective health financing instruments. And many interventions are ineffective. Additional resources could be mobilized by increasing the share of government funding allocated to the health sector. Expanding fiscal space could have negative macro economic repercussions in many low-income countries and increasing the relative share allocated to the health sector means giving up public expenditure on other programs, some of which may also contribute to overall gains in health. Both are difficult to achieve politically.

In this context developing countries are increasingly looking at partnerships between the public and private sector to provide needed healthcare for their populations.
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