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Fighting Inequality: Struggles for Econo

Fighting Inequality

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W 2:10pm-4:00pm
602 Northwest Corner Building
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Grading Mode Standard
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Instructor Thomas B Zuber
Method of Instruction In-Person
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This seminar explores the history of economic justice in the “Global South,” with a particular focus on African movements for anti-colonialism and economic redistribution. It interrogates the concept of the “Global South” and analyzes the ways activists, political figures and thinkers fought for economic justice. The class starts with a focus on economic theories of redistribution. It then analyzes how slavery and emancipation, as well as capitalism and colonialism shaped 19th century hierarchies and struggles for economic and political rights. The second half of the course focuses on colonial exploitation and anticolonial struggles for economic sovereignty in the 20th century. The course ends with a study of postcolonial and early 21st century movements for economic sovereignty and demands for reparations and redistribution.

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