Subject Listing: Sports Management Courses in the Summer 2023 Semester

Number Sec  Call#      Pts  Title                           Day Time          Room Building        Faculty
            L App Activity  Department

PS5200 D01  10885        3  APPL BUS INTEL FRAMEWORKS       W 8:00pm-10:00pm  ONLINE ONLY          Shin, Charlie Sungho
            L      LECTURE  Sports Management                                                      
                            Note: SPORTS ONLY. ONLINE COURSE
O5250  001  10886        3  EMERGING & NICHE SPORTS L       MTWRF 9:00am-5:0  308A Lewisohn Hall   Rosner, Scott
            L      LECTURE  Sports Management                                                      
                            Note: SPRT ONLY -  BLOCK WEEK: June 5-9  9am - 5pm
PS5323 D01  10887        3  BASKETBALL ANALYTICS            T 8:10pm-10:00pm  ONLINE ONLY          Orenstein, Joshua
            L      LECTURE  Sports Management                                                      Angel, Steven
                            Note: ONLINE COURSE. SPORTS ONLY.
PS5380 001  10888        3  INTERNATIONAL SPORTS MANA       MTWRF 9:00am-5:0  331 Uris Hall        Ruta, Cataldo
            L      LECTURE  Sports Management                                                      
                            Note: IN PERSON BLOCK WEEK - Meets 5/22-5/26
PS5390 001  10890        3  SPORTS REVENUES STRATEGIE       T 6:10pm-8:00pm   308A Lewisohn Hall   Cadicamo, Alexandra
            L      LECTURE  Sports Management                                                      Edmondson, George W
                            Note: IN PERSON - SPORTS ONLY
PS5470 001  10891        3  INTERNATIONAL COMPARATIVE       M 6:10pm-8:00pm   303 Hamilton Hall    Conrad, Mark A
            L      LECTURE  Sports Management                                                      
                            Note: IN PERSON
PS5740 001  10893        3  INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS       WRF 9:00am-5:00a  308A Lewisohn Hall   Neuman, Adam
            L      LECTURE  Sports Management               URF 9:00am-5:00p  308A Lewisohn Hall   
                            Note: IN PERSON COURSE MEETS 6/14, 6/15, 6/16, 6/22, 6/23, & 6/25
PS5980 001  10898        3  SUPERVISED INTERSHIP IN S                                              Dick, Jennifer
            L     INTERNSH  Sports Management                                                      
                            Note: Please work with Advisor for approval
PS5990 D01  10899        3  SUPERVISED PROJ IN SPORTS       M 6:10pm-8:00pm   ONLINE ONLY          Ma'at, Esu
            L      SEMINAR  Sports Management                                                      
                            Note: ONLINE ONLY
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L Limited Enrollment
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INS Instructor
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T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
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U Sunday