Subject Listing: Marketing Courses in the Summer 2023 Semester

Number Sec  Call#      Pts  Title                           Day Time          Room Building        Faculty
            L App Activity  Department

B7636  100  12488        3  Product Management              MTWRF 9:00am-5:0  490 GEFFEN HALL      Canetti, Paul
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B7667  100  12299        3  Foundations of Innovation                                              Toubia, Olivier
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B7676  100  12290        3  Leading in a Data-driven        MTWRU 9:00am-5:0  420 GEFFEN HALL      Frank, Christopher
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              Netzer, Oded
                                                                                                   Magnone, Paul
B7685  001  12525      1.5  M&E: Strat. Cons. Proj.                                                Seave, Ava
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B7692  001  12490      1.5  Pharma Commercialization                                               Jamil, Maqbul
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B8611  001  12138      1.5  Media Platforms and Con (       FTR 10:20am-11:5  420 Kravis Hall      Sarvary, Miklos
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B8619  001  12152        3  Behav Econ & Decision Mak       MTWRU 9:00am-5:0  490 Kravis Hall      Friedman, Elizabeth
            L      SEMINAR  MARKETING                                                              
B8633  001  12145      1.5  Data Science Marketing Mg       MTWRF 8:30am-11:  440 Kravis Hall      Hill, Shawndra
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B8636  001  12148        3  Product Management (Full-       MTWRF 9:00am-5:0  640 Kravis Hall      Lasala, Christopher
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B8651  001  12153        3  Systematic Creativity in        MTWRU 9:00am-5:0  440 Kravis Hall      Goldenberg, Jacob
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B8667  001  12155        3  Foundations of Innovation       MTWRF 9:00am-5:0  420 GEFFEN HALL      Brucks, Melanie
            L      LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B8693  001  12159        3  A Closer Look at the Start-Up   MTWRU 9:00am-5:0  To be announced      Ziv, Amir
                   LECTURE  MARKETING                                                              
B9606  001  13111        3  (PhD) Marketing Research                                               Lehmann, Donald R
            L      SEMINAR  MARKETING                                                              
                            Note: CBS PhD Only  Please refer to syllabus for dates.
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